Listen Less.

There is too much noise.

We humans are finely tuned and respond intelligently to clear signals from our environment. We are able to discern patterns in our surroundings at a superior level, communicate them to others, and take advantage of that knowledge. This ability makes us unique in nature, a position we collectively enjoy but from which we can individually suffer.

Truth: serious harm can come to us when the surrounding noise drowns out meaningful signals.

When it comes to two of our primary sensing tools,our eyes and ears, and the level of input they must deal with in our current society: the VOLUME of sights and sounds is TOO HIGH!

A LOT of the noise is from the dominant media - TV, RADIO, INTERNET. Even if there's nothing important to share with us all, they will FIND something to shout about. Paradoxically, they produce much of the noise that drowns out their OWN signals. But we also bring much of it on ourselves with an observable technology dependency.

Not only is it difficult to see and hear "present dangers", IT IS HARD TO CARRY ON BASIC CONVERSATIONS... even at close proximity... with all the pumping bass and chattering talking heads!

Too much interference limits the amount of QUALITY that can get through.

It is time to FILTER OUT THE NOISE. Like clearing the spam from your email inbox. Bypassing noise allows the "good sights and sounds" to come through in a steady volume and with greater clarity. We must do this BEFORE we are flooded into submission and become numb to the outside world itself.

To noise.

And we will HEAR MORE!

Listen Less. Hear More.